Sound Chamber

State-of-the-Art Acoustics Lab

The Maxxon Acoustics Lab is a world-class floor/ceiling testing facility accredited by NVLAP (Lab 600320-0) for ASTM E90, E492, and E2179. The Lab, designed by Jerry Lilly of JGL Acoustics, consists of two stacked 300m3 reverberation chambers sized to reliably capture data down to the 63Hz third-octave band using the VI Acoustics Trident system with GRAS and NI instrumentation. Superior isolation is achieved by separating the pre-cast chambers from each other and the surrounding structure using custom Mason Industries natural rubber isolation pads. Measurements can be performed uninterrupted on the busy site even during train pass-bys and during all typical warehouse and construction activities. This investment by Maxxon Corporation will allow us to better serve our customers, develop more effective products, and contribute to the industry’s knowledge about sound transmission in buildings.