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Remove adhesives without the need for machinery

Leftover adhesives from old flooring can drive failure in new projects. Most flooring solutions are designed to bond with smooth, clean slabs — ones free of old adhesives and trowel ridges. Skipping proper adhesive removal can compromise the bond and the renovation. Pouring a new leveler or placing new flooring over old adhesive risks later problems with debonding or moisture. So, what do contractors typically do? Rely on heavy machinery to grind away adhesives, stretch their budgets, and spend extra time on clean-up later.

Maxxon Commercial Unglued Adhesive Remover redefines how contractors remove adhesives. We help contractors rein in spending on heavy machinery while ensuring faster and long-lasting flooring installations.

Why customers use Maxxon’s game-changing technologY

Remove adhesives without mechanical grinding and shot blastinG

Unglued’s unique formula softens adhesives, releasing the bond to the floor and making for easy removal. With easy application and no learning curve, Unglued eliminates the need for heavy machinery. Contractors can now move away from processes that create dust with a simple clean-up process that only requires teams to scrape and toss what’s left on the surface.

Work fast without risk of noise, dust, and odor

Take on projects in facilities that don’t tolerate dust, noise, and odor. Unglued works quickly, after a two-to-four hour dwell time, it's easily scraped away from the substrate and cleaned with water and a black pad. Non-toxic, fully biodegradable with zero VOCs - Unglued provides an alternative to dusty, noisy and smelly methods of adhesive removal.

Access to experts who specialize in overcoming unique flooring challenges

The Maxxon team has no shortage of experience guiding contractors as they deal with complex projects and stubborn slabs — and we have a track record of success to prove it. Our representatives are one call away to help troubleshoot flooring challenges.

Reliable and simple adhesive removal

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“[Unglued] filled a solution that I never had an answer for the 25 years I’ve been doing this

Kenneth Bosco - Chelsea Floor Covering

Simplified Warranties

Maxxon designs a suite of surface prep and moisture mitigation products that work better together, helping you streamline claims and issue resolution.

Tech That Eliminates Risks

With no machinery and easy cleanup, win customers' trust in facilities where closures and sanitary risks are non-negotiable.

Dust-Free Surface Prep

Avoid hidden delays and stretched timelines with products that can be applied by anyone on your team — with zero learning curves, specialized skills, and expensive tools

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