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Don’t risk discovering moisture issues too late.

De-bonded floors and blistered surfaces are some of the signs of moisture-related damage, leading to costly flooring replacements and repairs. Flooring contractors often don't discover a problem until weeks or months after installation. Sometimes due to improper testing and often due to changing environmental conditions. Moisture issues can silently wreak havoc on your project without anyone knowing until it's too late.

Maxxon has a range of moisture mitigation solutions designed to help you deal with moisture in different environments and types of construction. Whether you’re in a rainy or dry part of the country or dealing with a suspended slab or a slab-on-grade, our team can help you choose the right product for your specific needs.

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Streamlined Support

Avoid confusion and errors by working with a single source of responsibility, comprehensive coverage, and a suite of products made to go together. From concrete profilers to moisture barriers and surface levelers, we help customers simplify quality control, issue resolution, and warranties.

Easy Application

Maxxon’s solution eliminates application barriers to maximize time and cost savings. Our ready-to-use MVP One mitigates up to 100% RH with two coats when applied to a clean porous slab, two hours of drying time, and zero concrete profiling. Maxxon Commercial Isolate locks down both moisture and contaminants contained in old or remediated slabs.

Strong Technical Expertise

One misstep in your moisture mitigation efforts can lead to irreversible damage. We work with you to get to the root of the problem by providing tailored support and on-site assistance. Our representatives are always ready to help you win jobs and avoid delays.

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