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Don’t be derailed by complex surface prep. Reach out to Maxxon before tackling uneven floors, subfloor challenges, such as moisture issues, non-porous slabs, or adhesive removal. With our expertise and technology, we help speed up your projects while reducing your labor and material costs. 

Replace labor intensive floor prep techniques with our economical, easy-to-apply products, such as Isolate, Profile, Unglued, and MVP One. Each resolves issues in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.  

Avoid the hassle of do-overs

Maxxon gives flooring contractors an advantage with efficient surface prep solutions that help you skip costly second takes.

Game-Changing Technology

Work with innovative products designed to overcome floor prep limitations— eliminating the need for extra machinery, reducing costs for specialized labor, and simplifying the entire floor prep process.

Reliable Partners

Our Team is always ready to listen and help you find the best products to save you time and money when you face floor prep challenges.

Unparalleled Support

Empower your business with the expertise needed to win jobs, solve problems, and keep projects on schedule. Our representatives are a call away — ready to provide tailored support, hands-on training, and on-site assistance.

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At Maxxon, we help you do more with less


"Solving a problem is priceless. When my facilities manager calls me up with a problem and I could solve it - There's no price that you could put on that"

Kennth Bosco, Chelsea Flooring, VP

Rise above the surface with Maxxon know-how

We solve the problems that throw projects off course. Explore how our products help you get more done with less.

Mitigate moisture with easy-to-apply solutions

Our moisture mitigation products eliminate the need for concrete profiling, equipping anyone to prep tough surfaces. Optimize your project costs with reduced labor time and step-saving solutions.

Learn how Maxxon mitigates moisture →

Keep abatement chemicals locked down

Eliminate the need to replace chemically-abated floors before it’s too late. Maxxon’s solutions act as an isolation barrier that prevents harmful residues rising to the surface. We help contractors avoid expensive do-overs and warranty worries.

Reduce costs with effortless adhesive removal

No heavy machinery, no messy post-removal cleanup. Maxxon’s biodegradable adhesive remover is a unique solution that chemically removes adhesives without grinding or dust.

Learn how Maxxon simplifies adhesive removal →

Tackle non-porous slabs without heavy machinery

Shotblasting, grinding, and prepping densified slabs is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly work. Redefine your processes with surface treatment solutions that don’t demand specialized equipment or skills.

Learn how Maxxon treats densified slabs →

Accelerate self-leveling with minimal prep

For rough or smooth floors, simply clean, prime and pour to achieve a level, stable surface that won’t buckle, heave or curl. Maxxon makes self-leveling easier with a low-prep solution that addresses the requirements of today's floor covering materials.

Learn how Maxxon makes self-leveling more effective →


Confidently start every project knowing Maxxon’s team of experts is there to help you find solutions to the problems you face. With our extensive experience solving tough challenges, you can count on Maxxon whenever you need us. Need help finding the right products, answering a question, or fixing a problem? Give us a call.


No confusion, no pointing fingers.  

At Maxxon, our systems approach to flooring gives you a range of solutions you can trust. From moisture barriers to underlayments and adhesives, we support your success with thoroughly tested and warrantied products.

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