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Maxxon offers five AIA-approved continuing education courses. Choose a course and we’ll bring the presentation – and lunch, on us – to your office. Each participant will earn one LU|HSW (Health, Safety, Welfare) credit. Not going into an office? Maxxon offers online presentations as well. Choose from one of the five courses below to get started.

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Course descriptions

In this course, participants will learn about a new method to achieve flat, “floor goods-ready” floors. They’ll also learn about how this new approach is fast-tracking mid- and high-rise construction, creating super flat floors, and protecting floor coverings from moisture related damage. High-rise concrete construction starts are on the rise, and they’re going up fast. This new method will help contractors keep on schedule and on spec with their projects.

Learn about the benefits of underlayments and sound control mats, and how to select the right products for your project. Participants will learn about how underlayments and sound mats are installed, how they help enhance the safety and marketability of a project, as well as the necessary factors in determining which products should be specified in a variety of applications.

This course examines how the acoustic environment influences occupant wellness and satisfaction. Participants will learn key sound science concepts, methods for measuring sound in buildings, and relevant codes and standards for various building types. By the end, you'll be equipped to choose the right sound control system to create acoustic environments that enhance occupant experience and well-being.

Concrete slabs can be subjected to moisture vapor emissions from the ground and due to varying humidity conditions. In this presentation, participants will learn how to assess the potential need for a vapor barrier, the types of vapor barriers available, and how to test the moisture content of a concrete slab. Participants will also learn the basic installation process of a surface applied moisture vapor barrier.

This course goes over the various types of Mass Timber Construction, focusing on the Fire and Acoustical Considerations associated with Cross Laminated Timber Construction. Topics include:

  • The different types of mass timber assemblies and the benefits of each
  • The reasoning behind two-hour fire ratings
  • The role gypsum underlayments play in fire resistance
  • Planned changes to the International Building Code 
  • Pitfalls and solutions to sound control in mass timber assemblies