Gypsum Reinforcement

Maxxon® Reinforcement Fibers

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• Ideal for wood frame and multifamily construction
• Excellent, “no fuzz” finishability with improved impact resistance
• Provides multi-dimensional reinforcement
• Cost-effective reinforcement solution
• Enhances durability and toughness of Maxxon Underlayment
• Made from recycled content

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Wear surface floor systems; systems with above average deflection

All interior subfloors.

Technical Data

Flexural Strength400 psi (2.8 GPa)
PackagingPart #: 19085
4 Bag Batch - 40 bags/box

Part #: 19086
2 Bag Batch - 60 bags/box
Filament Diameter2 Denier (9 Microns)
Tensile Strength44 psi (300 MPa)
Alkali ResistanceHigh

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