Chemically Abated Slab Solutions

Keep Damaging residues from rising to the surface.

The risks are high when flooring contractors don’t use the right solutions to contain residue from chemical abatement products. Residue from abatement chemicals can easily rise to the surface if the substrate isn't properly prepped. You’ll only see the effects of this later — like staining, discoloration, adhesion failure, or warping on your finished floors, leaving you no option but to bear the high costs of do-overs.

Our Maxxon® Commercial Profile and Isolate combat the effects of these destructive residues while minimizing additional overhead costs. Avert disaster before it strikes by engaging with us early and equipping your projects with the best-suited preventative solutions.

Designed to prevent hidden damage and costly do-overs


Maxxon helps flooring contractors purge chemicals and insoluble salts from concrete surfaces without the added expense of specialized labor and concrete profiling equipment. Our Maxxon® Commercial Profile delivers two key benefits in one powerful solution —reducing concrete surface pH and creating a CSP of 1-4 without any shot blasting or grinding - saving you time and money.

Lock down moisture and unwanted chemicals

With Maxxon® Commercial Isolate, contractors can protect concrete surfaces from abatement chemicals and other embedded contaminants. Its moisture-mitigating properties create a barrier of up to 100% RH, preventing moisture and hazardous residues from resurfacing, and causing installation failures.

Work with a team of dedicated experts

Maxxon’s systems-based approach to floor prep solutions empowers contractors with a suite of tools designed to help you avoid do-overs. Our team provides tailored support and on-site assistance to help you treat your chemically-abated slabs with the right products.

Products that help you get it right from the start.


Maxxon designs a suite of surface prep and moisture mitigation products that work better together, helping you streamline claims and issue resolution.

With no machinery and easy cleanup, you can tackle projects in facilities where dust, noise, and closures are non-negotiable.

Avoid hidden delays and stretched timelines with products that can be applied by anyone on your team — with zero learning curves and specialized skills.

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