Industry-Leading Warranties

Reliability at its best

Warranties can be a big headache for flooring contractors. We know that managing a complex network of relationships with different vendors for different products isn't easy. So how can we help you avoid playing the blame game that leads to delays and limited coverage of defects and failures?

Maxxon’s system approach allows contractors to use a suite of products designed to work together. We stand behind our products. From surface prep to moisture mitigation, self-leveling, and priming, Maxxon’s Commercial Warranty and 5-Year Warranty protects flooring contractors from manufacturing defects across the Maxxon Commercial PRO, Commercial, and Multifamily product lines.

Your Single source of truth for flooring excellence

Centralized responsibility

From floor prep to moisture and sound mitigation, Maxxon manufactures a wide range of commercial and multifamily flooring solutions to take your projects to the finish line. Our warranties cover this comprehensive line of products — which means contractors don’t have to worry about chasing down different vendors to investigate the root of any component failures.

Designed to work better together

Our products are designed to work together, so you can spend less time searching for compatible products. On top of that, we ensure the highest quality control standards are met for all products we manufacture. Our technology speaks for itself - and if these standards aren't up to par for your project, we won't hesitate to fix that.

Expert partners and technical assistance

At Maxxon, we have extensive hands-on experience helping teams solve their biggest problems when applying our products in diverse project conditions. Our deep knowledge of flooring solutions makes us a valuable asset to your quality assurance processes. We provide your teams with the technical assistance and on-site support they need to maximize our products and tackle unique challenges.

Why Partner with maxxon?

Keep project budgets on track

Protect your projects from inflated costs and sudden crisis expenditures with a clear, streamlined process for any Maxxon warranty claims.

Save time with industry-first innovation

Meet deadlines, build trust with customers, and win your most important projects with solutions designed to save contractors time — through easy application, fast cure formulations, and innovation that shortens traditional floor prep processes.

Mitigate risks with relationships that last

Deliver the highest quality of commercial flooring innovation with Maxxon’s vast network of distributors, applicators, and experts that we’ve built through our rich history in the industry.


Best in class, best in the industry

Maxxon backs the quality of our products and systems to deliver warranties that lead the industry.

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