Level uneven Subfloors with minimal surface prep

Cements shrink and grow when they cure. Using self-leveling products that can't withstand these dimensional changes can cause flooring failures. To prevent these challenges and keep floors level for adhesives to bond, surfaces must meet a CSP of 2 to 3 — which is costly and labor-intensive.

Maxxon Commercial Level EZ™ provides the stability and flexibility needed for self-leveling projects. Our technology saves you time by minimizing the subfloor preparation traditionally required to achieve smooth surfaces for finished floors to go down over cement. Combined with the versatile flow properties of Level EZ™, Maxxon supports contractors with a resource-efficient solution to mitigate costly damage control.


Stay Ahead of Tight Turnarounds

Maxxon Level EZ™ is designed to make gypsum and concrete subfloors smooth, durable, and ready to bond with all virtually all floor coverings, saving flooring contractors time. Win fast-leveling projects with a powerful solution that reduces the need for specialized labor, heavy machinery, and approvals for bigger budgets and extended timelines.

Easy Application

Maxxon’s self-leveling solution latches onto less porous surfaces, allowing contractors to apply this product directly onto gypsum and concrete surfaces without heavy surface prep. Accelerate your projects by focusing on three things — clean, prime, and pour.

Maximize Flow Control

Level EZ™ is a self-leveler that mixes easily, allowing you to work with a highly flowable solution that spreads evenly on your subfloors. Get the consistency of your product right for different depths and surfaces simply by mixing Level EZ™ at the applicable water ratio.

Versatility for all your project needs

Work with a flowable self-leveling solution that mixes easily, supports all desired flooring materials, and reduces subfloor prep across a wide range of projects.

Technology that saves time

Meet deadlines, build trust with customers, and win projects in high-traffic environments with quick-drying self-levelers that are fast to apply and ready to walk on in as little as 4 hours.

Work smarter with a systems-approach

Exceed customer expectations for all kinds of flooring installations by working with a range of commercial solutions that work perfectly together to clean, profile, and prime surfaces.

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