Fortify Primer™

Don't replace - fortify & repair

  • Strengthens old, soft or dusty gypsum underlayments
  • Save time and money by repairing vs. replacing old underlayments
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Enhances bond of new Maxxon underlayments
  • Single component, ready for use straight from pail

Multifamily and wood frame construction.

Interior compromised gypsum, lightweight concrete.
Technical Data
VOCLess than 1 g/L
Packaging5 gal (18.93 L) pail
Storage Temperature45 - 100 °F (7 - 38 °C), keep from freezing
Coverage80 ft²/gal (1.96 m²/L)
% Solid30%
Dry Time1st Coat Dry Time at 70 °F (50% Humidity) - 4 hours
2nd Coat Dry Time a 70 °F (50% Humidity) - 60 min
Installation Temperature45 °F (7 °C) and 100 °F (38 °C)
Concrete Surface Temperature45 °F (7 °C) and 100 °F (38 °C) for at least 24 hours prior to installation and until primer has dried
Shelf LifeUnopened product shelf life is 12 months
Trade Trafficwhen 2nd coat is dry
UL Fire Resistance-Rated Designs
UL Design
G230 J924 L212 L515 L533 L551 L574 M504
G516 J927 L501 L516 L534 L552 L576 M505
G524 J931 L502 L517 L535 L556 L577 M506
G551 J957 L503 L518 L536 L557 L579 M507
G553 J958 L504 L519 L537 L558 L581 M508
G560 J991 L505 L520 L538 L560 L583 M510
G561 J994 L506 L522 L539 L562 L585 M511
G563 L006 L507 L523 L540 L563 L588 M513
G566 L201 L508 L524 L541 L564 L589 M514
G574 L202 L509 L525 L542 L565 L590 M515
G587 L206 L510 L526 L543 L567 L592 M517
G597 L208 L511 L527 L545 L569 L593 M518
J917 L209 L512 L528 L546 L570 M500 M519
J919 L210 L513 L529 L547 L571 M502 M530
J920 L211 L514 L530 L549 L573 M503 M531

ULC Design
I530 L201 L512 M501 M514 M521
L003 L511 M500 M503 M520

For more information on current UL and ULC Designs, contact Maxxon Corporation.

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