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Sound Ratings in Hard Surface Areas* IIC STC IBC / ICC
Base (assembly) n/a n/a -
With Maxxon Underlayment only n/a n/a -

* Approximated ratings above include a hard surface finished floor good. It should be expected that carpet and pad will significantly increase the overall performance of the sound control system. Actual ratings may vary based on project variables. IIC/STC levels above are an approximation of sound reduction potential in a well designed, acoustically sound assembly. Test results are available for the minimum Maxxon Underlayment thickness. This information is based on solid data and years of experience in the underlayment industry, however, due to the many variables beyond our control (for example quality control of drywall installation, type of resilient channel, design and density of the building materials, flanking paths, etc.), it should not be considered a guarantee of performance. For assistance in determining the proper system to meet the requirements of your project, contact your Maxxon Regional Representative at (800) 356-7887 or by using Maxxon's contact form.

IBC / International Code Council IIC STC Documentation
IBC / ICC Minimum -- -- ICC-ES Evaluation Report PDF
ICC Acceptable Guideline -- --
ICC Preferred Guideline -- --
Typical UL Fire Rated Design Design Documentation
-- -- --

* The UL Fire Design listed above is a common design for the specified assembly. Maxxon Underlayments are listed in over 140 UL Fire Designs. Maxxon's Fire & Sound Manual has a list of UL Fire Designs by assembly. For assistance in determining the right UL Design for your project, contact your Regional Representative at (800) 356-7887 or by using Maxxon's contact form.

Fire & Sound Manual

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