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To minimize disruption during the academic year, mid-year breaks and summer vacation are busy times for school renovations. With limited timeframes to complete the work, it’s critical that projects run smoothly, and any challenges are quickly addressed with proven solutions and expertise. Backed by 50 years of subfloor prep leadership, Maxxon has a portfolio of innovative commercial products to solve even the most problematic projects. And our commercial team of experts is ready to help. Ask for an expert to join you on-site to provide guidance and recommend solutions that will keep your project on schedule, on budget, and completed before kids head back to class.


Maxxon Commercial Isolate locks down chemically abated slabs and other contaminants in concrete slabs. It also blocks the migration of moisture, preventing future flooring failures. Isolate can be applied over properly prepared tile, saving on costly demolitions. No mechanical prep is needed so dust is not an issue. Maxxon Commercial Isolate topped with a Maxxon underlayment or self-leveler deliver a subfloor ready for finished flooring.

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This environmentally safe, specially formulated liquid quickly and effectively removes densifiers, dirt, efflorescence, and other contaminants from concrete in as little as 15 minutes after application. Maxxon Commercial Profile is spray applied and cleaned up with water. No shotblasting is needed to achieve a CSP of 1-4 depending on dwelling time. Say goodbye to dust or grinding with this cost-effective, time-saving solution.


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Maxxon Commercial Unglued Adhesive Remover is an advanced chemical technology effective in the removal of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and other flooring mastics, glues, and adhesives (water-based and non-water-based). Maxxon Commercial Unglued is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Its fast-acting formula eliminates the need for time-consuming mechanical or abrasive removal of old adhesive in flooring renovation projects.

Maxxon® Commercial Unset Thinset Remover is an advanced chemical de-bonding technology that is effective for the removal of many types of polymer-modified thinset and broadloom carpet adhesives. The easy to apply and fast-acting formula eliminates the need for mechanical removal of these products.

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Moisture Mitigation


Ready-to-use, zero-VOC moisture barrier and primer.

  • Use over concrete slabs up to 100% RH and a pH of 14
  • Concrete profiling not required
  • Quick drying - install underlayment or patch in 30-60 minutes
  • Less than 0.10 perm rating as required by ASTM F3010 (meets or exceeds ASTM E96)

MVP Two-Part Epoxy

Traditional Two-Part Epoxy is a 100% solids epoxy coating.

  • Designed for interior use over concrete with high moisture and/or pH levels
  • Zero VOCs
  • Outstanding performance with a perm rating of less than 0.10
  • Fast cure formulation — in as little 4 hours
  • Low viscosity promotes superior adhesion


Moisture Mitigation and Contaminant Control.

  • Protects flooring systems by blocking the migration of moisture, destructive abatement chemicals and other contaminants
  • Easy to apply—roll directly onto properly prepared abated concrete, existing cutback adhesives, or correctly secured VAT, VCT and ceramic tiles
  • Roller-applied for easy application
  • Moisture barrier up to 100% RH

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