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The Science of sound

An overview of acoustics and sound basics to develop projects with sound control in buildings and environments.

The Basics of Acoustics, the first video in the series, provides the base of understanding sound and how it works. It dives into the Science of Sound regarding sound level, measuring sound, and frequency of wave lengths. Learning about sound and acoustics is the foundation for sound control implementation in buildings and environments.
Measuring sound transmission and understanding how sound moves provides the knowledge to develop projects with acoustics considerations in mind. Measuring Sound Transmission, the second video in the Science of Sound series from Maxxon, will discuss the two types of sound: Airborne and Structureborne and how they are tested. Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) ratings will also be explained with a look at how they are measured.
The third video in the Maxxon, Science of Sound series provides details and solutions for controlling sound transmission in a building. The floor and ceiling assembly in construction effects sound and how acoustics are transmitted in the space. It also shows how flanking paths are a big concern and should be avoided. Maxxon products help control sound for quiet and comfortable spaces for living and working.