Commercial floor prep products available through your distributor.

Underlayments & Patch

Deep Fill Underlayment
Low Density Fill™

An innovative, ultra-lightweight product made from proprietary cement and lightweight aggregate for deep fills.

Floor Underlayment
EZ Crete™

Underlayment for leveling, smoothing and repairing interior gypsum, concrete and lightweight concrete subfloors.

Gyp-Fix EZ

A non-shrinking, high-strength, trowelable patch designed for preparing all subfloors.

Floor Underlayment
Level EZ™

A hydraulic, cement-based self-leveler for smoothing both gypsum and concrete subfloors.


Fortify Primer™

A high-performance, single-component acrylic primer designed to consolidate old, soft or dusty gypsum underlayments.

Multi-Use Acrylic Primer

A multipurpose, high solids liquid polymer used to prime subfloors such as concrete, lightweight concrete and wood, prior to underlayment.

Gypsum Overspray Primer

Primer for use over Maxxon Underlayments before the installation of glue down finished floor goods.

Moisture Mitigation, MVP

Moisture Mitigation Primer
MVP One Primer

A quick drying, ready-to-use, zero-VOC moisture barrier and primer.

Two-Part Epoxy
MVP Two-Part Epoxy

A 100% solids epoxy coating specially designed for interior use over concrete with high moisture and/or pH levels.

MVP Smart Primer

A spray applied curing agent and moisture barrier for concrete.

Sound Control

Sound control mat

A blend of acoustical fibers that offers robust performance in a low-profile sound mat.

Acousti-Top® Adhesive

An acrylic copolymer used to bond Acousti-Top® sound mat to concrete or gypsum subfloors.

Specialty Products

Adhesive Remover

Use for the removal of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and other flooring mastics, glues and adhesives (water-based and non-water-based).

Surface Treatment

Clean and profile concrete without shotblasting, grinding or acid etching.

Surface Treatment

Protects flooring systems by blocking the migration of moisture, destructive abatement chemicals and other contaminants.

Surface Treatment
ASR Barrier

A spray applied surface treatment for concrete slabs suffering from Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR).