Accelerate Return to Service with Proven Innovation

As a distributor, your customers are always racing against the clock. Looking for ways to increase efficiencies without added costs or complications. The need for heavy machinery can add unwanted expense, dust, and noise to jobsites. Not to mention a demand for specialized labor to run the equipment. Long dwell and drying times can leave crews in limbo, unable to move forward until conditions are just right. These situations can jeopardize a customer’s business and their bottom line.

The good news? Maxxon® gives you the power to accelerate your customers’ return to service schedules without sacrificing quality.

Our high-performance, easy-to-use solutions are specially formulated to save your customers time and money. By offering these innovative products you can help customers fast-track common floor prep challenges to improve their productivity and profitability.

Three Smart Ways to Speed Up Customer Jobsites:

Skip Shot Blasting and Grinding

Maxxon Commercial Profile opens up floor pores quickly and effectively without extensive mechanical preparation. The easy, spray-pump application removes insoluble salts and allows customers to achieve a CSP of 1 – 4 without shot blasting or grinding. A big time-saver, it’s also great for projects that can’t tolerate dust or heavy machinery. Profile cleans concrete, increases porosity, and reduces the pH of concrete slab surfaces — there’s no other product like it on the market.

Block Moisture with a Single Component

Now customers can mitigate moisture in new and absorbent concrete with a single component solution that offers protection on par with traditional two-part epoxies. Even better, no concrete profiling is required. Cost-effective and easy-to-use, Maxxon Commercial MVP One is roller-applied and dries fast. Customers can install underlayment or patch in 30 – 60 minutes after second coat.

Eliminate Excessive Dry Times

Easy to mix and trowel, Maxxon Commercial Skim Fill™ is the fast-drying, all-purpose, cementitious patch customers can use to featheredge, skim coat, and fill — there’s no depth limitation in confined spaces. With a high compressive strength of 4000+ psi and exceptional bonding properties, Skim Fill creates a smooth, strong surface that’s ready for floor covering in as little as 30 minutes. It’s the only patch your customers will ever need.

Help customers get back to work quicker than ever with time and labor-saving solutions from Maxxon.

To order and learn more, contact your Maxxon rep today.