Corporate to Cozy: Converting Offices into Multifamily Living

Cubicles to Communities: Converting Offices to Multifamily Living

Across U.S. cities, remote work is driving the transformation of office buildings into residential spaces. From 2021 to 2024, the number of apartments scheduled for conversion from office spaces skyrocketed from 12,100 to 55,300 units. These conversions now account for 38% of the 147,000 apartments in future adaptive reuse projects, outpacing any other building type. Fueled by the $150 billion in office mortgages due by the end of 2024, owners and developers are eyeing the opportunity to repurpose these vacant structures. The effort promises to help address housing shortages while also revitalizing commercial districts amid economic and cultural shifts.

This trend is most prominent in Washington, D.C., where 5,820 units are set to transition from office-to-apartment spaces, followed closely by New York, with 5,215 units in the pipeline. Dallas is also leading the way with 3,163 units, reflecting a 58% increase from 2023.

Architects to the Adaptive Reuse Rescue

Architects play a pivotal role in this urban initiative. Their expertise in adaptive reuse and sustainable design is critical for successfully converting meccas of commerce into functional, livable spaces.

Tackling Complex Challenges

Every office-to-multifamily project presents challenges that demand creativity and flexibility to achieve a desirable residential property while also adhering to building codes and zoning regulations. Depending on the age of the building, issues such as exterior window systems, deep floor plates, and multiple elevators reveal additional complexities.

In considering layout and space planning, architects need to reconfigure the floor plans to accommodate multifamily living while maintaining efficient circulation and natural light. From a structural perspective, the existing structure may need to be reinforced or modified to support the additional weight of new partitions, fixtures, and amenities. Because office buildings have different plumbing and HVAC requirements than residential buildings, existing systems will need to be upgraded or replaced to comply with building codes.

Expertise for Fire Safety and Sound Control

When it comes to meeting stringent fire safety and sound control standards for office-to-multifamily conversions, Maxxon® provides trusted advice, backed by industry innovation and leadership.

Maxxon’s multifamily experts can recommend proven products like Acousti-Mat and Gyp-Crete 2000 Multifamily to deliver regulatory compliance and optimal acoustic performance. Our Fire and Sound Manual and Interactive System Selector enable architects to find the best flooring assembly for each unique project. In addition, with our state-of-the-art, fully isolated, acoustical chamber, Maxxon has the capacity to test flooring assemblies to ensure STC and IIC ratings meet or exceed sound code requirements and project expectations.

Solid Solutions for Unique Transformations

When a Tri-Brand Marriott Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee wanted to turn one floor of their parking structure into hotel rooms, Maxxon provided the expertise and the products to make it happen. To address weight restrictions, 7 inches of Commercial Low-Density Fill™, a fast-drying solution that’s 80% lighter than concrete, was installed over the existing parking deck. It was topped with 1 inch of Commercial Pro Level-Crete™, a cost-effective, hydraulic cement underlayment with compressive strengths of 4,000 to 5,000 psi. These easy-pumping products covered 28,000 square feet quickly, allowing this phase of the project to be completed ahead of schedule. See photos here.

Convert With Confidence

The surge of office-to-multifamily (or parking deck-to-hotel rooms) conversions places architects at the center of re-envisioning and reshaping vibrant urban communities. With a host of creative and technical challenges to consider, relying on Maxxon for fire safety, sound control and innovative products brings added confidence to any conversions.

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